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Kevin Bateman - SA Church Stars Chaplain



As a Sports Chaplain my primary concern is to help SA Church Stars address the immediate and long term wellbeing of players, coaches, admin and support staff and their families. The focus of my chaplaincy is to support the ‘whole’ of a person. My care transcends background, gender, nationality, and belief system.


The unique advantage of having me as a Sports Chaplain is that I will be present and consistently available to the sporting community in which I serve. I will provide pastoral care in the club’s everyday life so that when a crisis occurs, the sporting community can turn to a person they already know and trust for support.


I will provide a neutral, confidential and listening ear to those who wish to share pressures and concerns faced from sport, family and other life circumstances. This can happen in informal ways at training and social events, over the telephone, in hospital, or more formally on the basis of appointments.


Kevin Bateman Sports Chaplain 0405 190 074

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