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SABBA (SA Baptist Basketball Association) each year puts together teams to represent South Australia in the National Baptist Basketball Carnival. This is an annual basketball tournament that includes ALL standards of players from social to the top national teams and creates opportunity to:


  • Explore Christian Faith

  • Create a positive community that extends beyond the tournament

  • Help people reach their best form of themselves no matter where they are

The National Baptist Basketball Carnival is an amazing, week long, national event held in January each year, being hosted by a different State in Australia each year.

This Carnival is obviously a basketball championship, however the carnival is also so much more. There are amazing guest speakers, opening and closing ceremonies, social events, team bonding sessions and much more.

The SA Baptist Basketball Carnival Facebook group is at this link, join up for updates about Carnival week

For more information visit and click on the Contact tab if you are interested in playing the next Carnival.

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